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What is the Importance of Comments for IG? Why Should You Purchase Them?

When you buy real and cheap comments for Instagram, you’re giving a boost to your social media marketing campaign. On Instagram, what people say matters a great deal.

IG users look for active accounts, which means ones that have high engagement numbers. If you don’t have that, then it means people don’t care about each post that you put out.

When you buy Instagram comments for cheap:

  • What you have to say seems legit to IG users
  • You give off the impression that your posts are thought-provoking and interesting
  • You’ll get people to check your other social media profiles and website
  • You’re drawing attention to your brand, which will lead to valuable recognition

The purchase of cheap engagement is a good strategy that will pay long-term dividends. It’s a cost-effective way for you to spread your influence that’s proven to work.

Who Is It That Usually Buys Real IG Comments?

There are several possible candidates for some paid engagement via this platform. For instance, you might think about buying cheap Instagram comments if you are:

  • A resident of the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Nigeria, or another country that is new to this platform
  • A business entity that has other social media profiles, but has never used IG before
  • A would-be influencer who wants to draw some attention to their posts

How Would You Buy Real Instagram Comments in Just a Few Easy Steps?

The process of getting some fast Insta feedback is straightforward. Follow these instructions.

  • First, you’ll pick which of our packages you want.
  • Next, we’ll need your account info, and you’ll tell us what posts need engagement.
  • We’ll require a credit card number for payment. We accept no PayPal payments at this time.
  • Then, you’ll give us your email address so that we can confirm.
  • After that, expect your delivery to start within the next 24 hours.

You can order this service for multiple posts if you want. No password is required, and you can be sure of a low price every time. Smaller packages will be delivered within a day or two. Larger ones may take longer.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Some IG Comments?

This is the best place for this type of service because we are consistently the cheapest option available online. You can get as few as ten feedbacks or several hundred, depending on what makes sense for your marketing goals and budget.

The price might fluctuate a little bit from time to time, but you can be confident that ours is the best price because we monitor our competition and beat their best rates.

Where Would I Go to Buy Fast Instagram Comments for a Reasonable Price? Why is Always the Best Option? is consistently the superior site for this type of targeted package. You can be sure of high-quality from us because we only fill your order with real, 100% active IG accounts.

Other websites from which you can order might have fake accounts or bots as users. That is a bad method of doing business because it can get your account banned or flagged.

If you’re looking for only authentic engagement, it has to be


What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We are currently a site without PayPal as a possibility, but there are several other ways that you can pay. You can use Mastercard or Visa. We also do accept both Apple Pay and Google Pay. At some point, we might allow some additional payment methods for your convenience.

When I Pay for This Service, How Can I Be Sure I’m Making a Good Marketing Decision?

There are several forms of social media marketing in which you can engage. However, this is one that’s proven to give you the best ROI. You can try for a gradual increase in your comments organically without us, but most business entities find that to be too slow. When you buy from us, you’ll get to your target numbers a lot quicker. And unlike other services, our comments are real and don’t drop after some time.

Is It Safe and Legal to Get This Type of Service?

Yes, it is both safe and legal to purchase through our site. When you buy cheap IG comments from, you’re doing something that’s not at all unusual. It’s not illegal or frowned upon, and many prominent companies do it. Lots of them allocate a large amount of money every month or quarter for this type of promotional effort.

Will I See an Increase in My Organic Engagement Instantly if I Get a Package?

If you want more organic feedback on your profile, then buying a package through us will definitely help with that. It’s called the bandwagon effect. If Instagram users see that people are reacting to your posts, then they will leave feedback as well. We can’t guarantee more organic feedback, but that is often one of the impacts that this type of purchase has.

Will I Always Get Realistic-Looking Comments if I Buy IG Comments from This Site?

The instant commentary for your posts that you’ll get through us will always appear realistic. It’s not random, with just a few meaningless words and an emoji or two. We send you commentary from real users. There is no way for people to know that you bought from us or that this is not organic feedback.

Are the Comments that You Leave Related to Gender in Any Way, Or Are They Gender-Neutral?

It is true that Instagram is a platform where the users skew female. However, it is not only girls who use it. Because of that, we make sure to leave comments that are inclusive and not gender-specific. We leave feedback that anyone who’s checking out your profile should be able to appreciate it.

How Long Does Delivery Take?

We start to deliver your order within 24 hours. We know that you want those comments fast, but we have to use the slow-drip delivery method so as not to make the IG algorithm suspicious. Larger orders might take up to a few days, but rest assured, we will get them to you as expediently as we can. But make sure that your Instagram account is not set to private, cause otherwise, we won’t be able to deliver your engagement.

Are the Comments that I Buy Private, or Can Anyone See Them?

Anyone can see the commentary that we leave for you if they want to look. They’re written in the English language for an American audience since most of our clients don’t need comments in Arabic or other options. Anyone who looks at the commentary we leave will see feedback that’s relevant and pertains directly to the posts you create.

How To Make  An Order

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To start choose the package with the amount you want to purchase.
Step #2
Provide your name on Instagra. No password required.
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Get our order. After payment you will receive an email comfirmation.
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What People Say  About Us


Hey! Thank you for your excelent service and for being so patient. I guess I made your support team crazy with all my questions and issues. But I have to know what I pay for. 🙂 I this time I found the best site for IG comments delivery. Its in English, from real and active accounts and some of them started really lively discussions. I wish you to grow your team and company more and more and support my posts with high quality feedback.

Linda Avery

Actually, this is not what i thought. I was looking for likes but paid for Insta comments and received both. The price is the cheapest and quality is the HIGHEST! Great job, guys! I’m your number 1 client from now on. thanks for hepling my account to grow.

Tena Knight

Usually, I don’t write reviews but this time I decided to appreciate really outstanding service of site. If you’re looking for real comments for Instagram from excisted users, not bots - here you go! The best place to purchase organic engagement and a good mood! Special thanks to Steven, the support manager. He helped me to redo my order coz at the first time my account was private and I hadn’t received any good feedback.

Marvin Walters

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We do our best to help you promote your IG account by sending you feedback from real and active users. You don't have to worry about bots spamming your profile.

Security & Privacy

We don't require any sensitive personal information such as passwords. Your security and privary is very important to us. Also, no one will understand that you got paid feedback for your protos and videos. This secret will remain between us.

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